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Hours of operation

Business hours displayed in app for Harker Heights, Texas store are not accurate. This causes issues when scheduling appointments with the app.


Something or the other always goes wrong... you cannot select date or no option for time show up (completely blank), sometimes the app gets stuck on one page forever... A big organization like Firetone might be expected to have an app better than this...

Worthless App

Was a great app. I hadn't looked at it to update in like 6 months. When I did-EVERYTHING IS GONE. Even when I enter my phone number to "retrieve" records-it's like all my info is purged. Records from Firestone too from about 2 years of service. Deleting it today.

4 years of meticulous data: Poof!

Have used this for several years on 6 vehicles.... meticulous service history. I routinely backup, but apparently that doesn't work. On the last recent app update, the app completely freezes when trying to view service history on one of the vehicles. Backup / Restore / uninstall/ reinstall doesn't fix the problem. I contacted support, and they were no help. Very, very frustrating to spend all that time and effort and have this happen. I guess in this case you get what you pay for....

Updates Lost Vehicle History

With the updates all vehicle history was lost and am unable to retrieve via the app.

App freezes in mileage tracker

Liked this app for service history and tracking mileage. Have not been able to use since last update as it freezes looking for car model information when opening mileage tracker. Used to use this at every fill-up. Now I can't until they fix it.

App freezes and lost all my data

App was awesome to track maintenance records and such but since the latest update, app freezes. I lost all my service history on both my cars now due to this. Please fix the bug!!

February 14, 2017 version 2.59 fails for me

I just installed version 2.59. It fails the same way as the previous version which is where my problem started. I open the app, click service history, select one of two cars, I see the car detials for a second, then the EDIT VEHICLE DETAILS window opens with it goes into loop. My cloud data was saved in Dec 2016. This problem with edit vehicle window started in January 2017 with the previous update. And the same problem happens in version 2.59. Has the cloud information change structure? How did you migrate the Dec 2016 cloud information for to the new 2.59 cloud. Are there new fields in the 2.59 cloud that needs a default value?

App bug not fixed

App locks up when accessing service records or trying to schedule appointment. Needs to be fixed, I have years of service history on this.

Best multiple vehicle service app

I track and service 5 vehicles across two states perfectly. Only issue was with early updates erasing data, which could be easily downloaded again. So if you use lifetime services you can go back to verify and use at any Firestone store which for me is fantastic! We have two ford escapes with over 100K miles going strong with lifetime parts and services.

Crash crash crash!!!!

App worked but now it crashes every time it opens. Will look elsewhere to get my car serviced now.

App crashes almost instantly

I can't use this app more then 30 seconds without it crashing. Currently a totally useless app.


App no longer working


Please fix.

Doesn't work

I liked it when it used to work. It was very useful and it would have gotten five stars. Now that it doesn't work, it gets zero stars.

Crash w No Recovery

Rec'd notice a while back to make sure I have latest version b/c older one would stop working by end of Jan 2017. I have always updated as notified. All my auto records for years have been recorded on this app. However, app will not function now. Have deleted & re-downloaded to no avail.

Was a great app... was

I have been using this app to track my vehicle maintenance history for years. Now, it no longer works. When I try to load my vehicle information it just gives me a loading loading loading that's it. I then have to close the app. I have tried removing and reinstalling but it didn't work. Kind of upset because I have about 8 years of detailed maintenance archived in the program and now it's probably gone. Found no option for reporting a bug so decided to submit a review.

App crash not fixed

I really liked this app when I first found it let me keep records up to date with out keeping a log book like I had done for years now a few years later the dame app won't make it passed the load screen

App Crashing

App crashes when on Step 4 to confirm the appointment.

Cheesy App

While at first glance this would appear to be a very useful app, as a Toyota Tacoma truck owner, I found it next to useless, simply because under Toyota, no truck models are listed, forcing you to either pick a car model or no truck model at all.

Crashes often

Great app, but crashes often. Tried making a maintenance appointment in the app, but keeps crashing right when I press "Confirm Appointment." App also crashes when updating "My Vehicles." Great app, but please fix bugs. Thanks!

Win some, lose some

The best part, miles per gallon, is back! Unfortunately, now I can't shop for tires. Stuck on the vehicle details screen, spinning and spinning.

Leaves Data Behind on Upgrading

Had all my data for both vehicles loaded in this app. Worked great on my iPhone 5. Upgraded to an iPhone 6 and all the data was gone. Reloaded the data for one of my vehicles, and everything was working great again. Upgraded to the iPhone 7 and the data is gone. Great app, but I'm not using it anymore.

Key Feature Missing

Where's the milage info? I tried app support from the store and got a big fat 404, page not found.

No mileage calculation anymore?

I'm with everyone else in this. Why did you drop this feature? As a rideshare driver, I utilized this a lot. Lame.

Where's MPG ?????

Great app until this version. Used to show MPG when you entered odometer reading and gallons filled at each gas fill up. Found that really useful to quickly let me know my car was running at peak efficiency. Now it's gone. Please bring back the MPG calculation feature. Then I could give it 5 stars again. Thanks guys!!!


Feature is gone after last update. You can enter the info, but no option to save. I thought this had something to do w/ my old 4s phone so I submitted a complaint on 10/19/16, but haven't received a response. I'm betting this is just a programming error, since the feature is still there. I would give this app a 5 other than this. I love some of the other features, like entering maintenance from outside vendors. Please fix!!!

No life time MPG and last trip MPG

This app update just killed the two main reasons that I'm keeping it.

MPG Total

Why are the cumulative and per tank miles per gallon totals no longer showing when you enter a vehicle? That was my favorite part of the app!!!

Have loved it until the last update

Suddenly the MPG, both lifetime and last trip are gone...sort of defeats the purpose...I've been using this and loving it for about 3 years up until this.

No backup for manually entered service records / syncing between devices

I like the app & its ability to download & keep track of my service records for all my service visits to Firestone. I am also able to enter manual records for anything that I personally do with my vehicles, i.e. filters, wipers, bulbs, etc. BUT, when I got a new phone & iPad, I was able to re-download only those items that Firestone had performed - not happy! Plus, there is no syncing between devices, which means having to do a double entry if I want to keep the records on my phone & iPad. They got it about half way to where it needs to be.

All data is gone!

I've been using this for a few years to keep track of maintenance history. Opened it today and nothing there. Was able to sign in, where there is supposed to be a backup/restore function, but there was no function after I signed in and still no data. I tried the contact us function, but it is not for app support, for which there doesn't seem to be any. This may be related to the latest release, or, more likely, a failed iOS update that required me to restore the latest backup after a reset. I haven't noticed a data loss with any other app.

Needs Work

Service history function is not usable.

Needs to add ability to delete service records

I accidentally downloaded a service record from another car into my service record and there is no way to delete it.

Doesn't work

Won't let me add a vehicle so I can shop for tires. Looks like I'll have to buy a set from someone else


Downloaded this app because I am a frequent Firestone customer. Store location function does not work, which you must have to set up an appointment. Also could not set up my vehicle in the app. Very frustrating!!

My car 😊

It's a great ap for keeping track of my cars maintenance and for coupons and specials. Also making appointments. Just wish I could pay my credit card bill on here. Then it would be 5 stars!!


I registered my Chevrolet truck and then started to look for tires. What a joke. I was presented with only passenger tires. I think I will go to Costco instead.

Not interfaced with stores!

I was pleased to see the new app, and used it to make an appointment for an oil change at my local Firestone shop. Imagine my surprise to find out that they were booked solid. The app confirmed my appointment, but nobody checked with the shop. What a joke! This significant aspect of the app is useless until it is fully integrated with the shops. Don't waste your time, call and make an appointment.

Has potential

Neat idea, nice layout. Too bad it doesn't work if you're looking for tires. It's a link to their website which apparently doesn't support smart phones. Kind of ironic. I couldn't get online pricing through my phone, and can't get it through their app. My solution? I shopped for, bought, and scheduled installation ONLINE through Belle Tire. I gave the app 2 stars because it has potential.

Excellent app, really valuable

I'm using this now to track service on all my vehicles! I love that it includes both any service I've done at Firestone as well as letting me track the stuff I perform myself or elsewhere - really helpful. It's fast, easy to enter data, and works really well. Thanks Firestone for this great app!

App Doesn't work on Apple 6sPlus

So disappointing. I've had this app for over 2 years & now it no longer works on my new phone. So sad this app isn't capable of keeping up with the current technology their customers may use. Smh!

Update please

App won't let me add a vehicle. Keeps crashing.

App keeps crashing

App won't let me add a vehicle. It keeps crashing and kicking me out. Worked before, hence the 3 stars.

Doesn't work

App won't let you select a time for appointment. Web site is the same. Pointless!

Great app for what it does

I wanted access to all of my Firestone records and maintenance history, and this app easily accomplished that need. It also offers handy features like tracking fuel economy and adding additional maintenance items not performed by Firestone. The data can even be exported if you create a Firestone account. Give it a try; it's free after all!

Needs work

Scheduling an appointment should be easier. Day is written for the date. Please change that. Comments are on the first screen and to add comments, it is necessary to go back and then recreate the needed steps. The confirmation email lists 5 am, not 5 pm. Fix that.

Almost there

Very good app, but missing something obvious. The current version only allows storage of Firestone service records. I can record services from another auto provider, but can't upload the the hard copies. This need is necessary for times when Firestone can't service my car according to my schedule, or for emergency repairs from another provider. So I must keep service records scanned and stored on google drive. I will keep using this app until I find another one that is as good as this app, but allows me to upload all service records.

Do you even test this crap before releasing it?

I'm running this on the iPhone five and it crashes while entering your personal information and contact information. When you go back into the app all the things you've entered are gone. Epic fail and a waste of your customers' time.

App Crashes

App crashes constantly and always has network issues attempting to download vehicle service history. As a loyal Firestone customer, this app would be very useful if it worked. Great concept. Poor implementation.

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